Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Brain Computer Interface is a forthcoming technology in modern information technology. A technology that connects human brain to an external device. In medical science human’s thoughts and feelings are called cognitive or sensory-motor function. The capability of our thoughts and feelings are limited. With this technology we can enhance our capability.

Though this technology is still in its research phase several companies are the front runners in this research. Some of the researches are coming to the business stage.
“Neural Signals” invented a technology with which people with talking disabilities can be able to talk through using this technology. The part of human brain which is connected to deliver human voices can be connected to electrode and the signal will be sent to computer then they’ll be able to talk through.  With adequate training the person will be able to think in all 39 English famines and be able to make his/her speech through computer. A cybernetics neuro technology system which is created by “Brain Gate” is a neural interface system through which disabled persons will be able to control their wheel chairs and other robotic prosthetics.

            The first research for BCI started in the year 1970 in University of California, Los Angeles, USA with the funding of National Science Foundation. Later this research combined with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencies (DARPA). After the research report was published this technology was included in the scientific literature.

            As we have already started basic communication with other devices like desktop, laptop, smart phones, gaming consoles. In near future we might be able to communicate with cars also. Through Brain Computer Interface we may be able to control our thoughts in future.

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