Sunday, December 22, 2013

AMD Trinity APU - Where capability and desire is combined

In modern day’s people who use laptop, desktop and graphics processing units all are familiar with the processor name AMD. Before I start lets take a quick look.  
AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas, US. They develop computer processors and related technologies for commercial and consumer markets.
APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit. This is a revolutionary discovery of AMD which got wide range of acceptability from computer users. Previously microprocessor based motherboards with built-in graphics cards or PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) express cards used to generate displays for the users. In APU users will be able to have the taste of high definition graphics without the use of built-in graphics or external graphics cards.
APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) = CPU (Central Processing Unit) + GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). In technical language a microprocessor and graphics processor stays separately in the same place.
In modern world most of the software interfaces are comprised with high graphics resolution. The graphics contents in soft wares are increasing day by day and to operate this smoothly strong graphics processors are required. External graphics cards may be a solution to this but will it be always available to general users that’s a concern. In 2006 AMD brought famous graphics chip manufacturing organization ATI and started the some research. In result in 2011 APU comes to the market which was recognized as fusion then.  
AMD released APU which came in the market in June, 2012 got huge popularity in consumers. The main features of APU are –

  • ·        In most models APU has a speed between 3.5 gigahertz to 4.2 gigahertz. Most of the APUs can be over clocked and there’s also turbo core capability.
  • ·        All APUs are comprised with DirectX 11.
  • ·        AMD 3D quick stream technology can play any high definition and blu-ray movies simultaneously. It is possible through highly capable graphics processor.
  • ·        Radion core not only works for graphics enhancement, they also equally participates in operation of CPU which previously was used as cache memory. In APU cache memory usage is very low.
  • ·        APUs are becoming an integral part in 3D modeling, scientific simulation and audio recording.
  • ·        The most significant part is APU dual graphics. If we connect an external graphics card APU will connect with it resulting in enhanced graphics performance.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning TCP/IP and Subnet Masking

Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD)

To make hard disks cheaper and to avail all the features of solid state drive (SSD) hybrid hard disk (HHD) is coming to the market. Though the shortcomings of mechanical hard drive are known to all, the new hybrid hard drive is designed in a way that it can be compared with the optional subject. It means only the extra features are added this new hard drive.
There are two major parts in hybrid hard drive, one is the old mechanical hard drive and another one is the solid state drive. These two parts are combined to make the new hybrid hard drive. In a hybrid hard drive the solid state unit is used as primary hard drive and the HDD part works as a secondary hard drive. As the SSD is the primary hard drive, most of the works of the hard drive is done by the SSD. Thus all the advantages of SSD is found on HHD.   
The advantages found in the HHD are high data transfer rate. For higher data transfer rate these drives can load applications quickly in the memory. So it gives lower booting time than a normal hard drive. In multitasking where a HHD takes 10 seconds, a HDD takes 40 seconds in booting.

Another advantage is it takes lass power to run HHD (1.7 – 2 volts). So laptops using HHD have more battery backups than usual.   

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Next Generation Intel Processor Haswell

In terms of computing processor is essential part weather its desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. In terms of any type of computing intel is the front runner for making high quality processors. Their 2nd and 3rd generation core series processors have already been leading the market. They are now bringing the 4th generation processors; code name of this processor is Haswell.

Intel introduced their haswell processor in the technology fair Computex Taipei in 4th June Taipei, Taiwan. The two main features of this processor are less power consumption and high quality graphics. According to Intel, hybrid devices which are a combination of tablet pc and laptop will get extra speed using this processor. They also said that this processor will consume such low power that devices with fan less design can use this processor.  It is estimated that laptops designed with haswell processor will give battery backup up to 10 hours.

Performance Enhancements: These new processors will have 15% more performance compared with modern processors, but power consumption will be almost half. As a result devises designed with these processors will have increased battery life and stand by time compared with modern core series processors. It will take just 3 seconds to turn up from sleep mode. Devices designed with this processor will be slimmer, lighter and faster. Voice recognition, face analysis and depth tracking will reach new level.

Technology & Capability: Some characteristics of core processors are also present in haswell processor. One of which is 22 nanometer architecture with 14 step pipeline, mainstream quad core and the dimensional tri-gate transistor.  It will also support the dual channel DDR3 and new DDR4 RAM and 64MB L1 cache and 256MB L2 cache. The processor has its own characteristics such as advanced vector extension 2, new LGA socket 1150. To work with multi threaded software haswell has developed transactional synchronization extension. To enhance graphics performance 2 built in graphics technology of intel has been used where the architecture is known as haswell. The graphics will have DirectX 11.1 compatibility and OpenGL 4.0. The strong GPU will be capable to generate three dimensional objects and run high definition video steaming.  Computer designed with haswell processor will support voice recognition m gesture and body movement technology.

            Though the demand of desktop and laptop is decreasing day by day, Intel is expecting with this new processor can help regain the market in future. Intel has announced that haswell has been designed to support windows based devices like laptop, ultra-book and tablet, thus adding new dimension in data processing. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Brain Computer Interface is a forthcoming technology in modern information technology. A technology that connects human brain to an external device. In medical science human’s thoughts and feelings are called cognitive or sensory-motor function. The capability of our thoughts and feelings are limited. With this technology we can enhance our capability.

Though this technology is still in its research phase several companies are the front runners in this research. Some of the researches are coming to the business stage.
“Neural Signals” invented a technology with which people with talking disabilities can be able to talk through using this technology. The part of human brain which is connected to deliver human voices can be connected to electrode and the signal will be sent to computer then they’ll be able to talk through.  With adequate training the person will be able to think in all 39 English famines and be able to make his/her speech through computer. A cybernetics neuro technology system which is created by “Brain Gate” is a neural interface system through which disabled persons will be able to control their wheel chairs and other robotic prosthetics.

            The first research for BCI started in the year 1970 in University of California, Los Angeles, USA with the funding of National Science Foundation. Later this research combined with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencies (DARPA). After the research report was published this technology was included in the scientific literature.

            As we have already started basic communication with other devices like desktop, laptop, smart phones, gaming consoles. In near future we might be able to communicate with cars also. Through Brain Computer Interface we may be able to control our thoughts in future.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Learn to SEO

What is affordable SEO?
Search engine optimization is the term used to identify a set of processes that aim at optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is important not just for bringing high quality visitors but it is also a way to increase the credibility of a website and to expand brand awareness. Do your Learn to SEO in Bengali Language, visit M.H.Soft Ltd. Where found SEO Learning in Bengali Language tutorial.
Search engines are using complex algorithms to determine which pages to include in their index and the order they present these pages in the search results. SEO is the way to ‘speak’ to search engines in a language they can understand and provide them with more details about a website.
SEO has two major components, On Page and off page SEO.

Off Page SEO
Off page seo or off page optimization is one seo method. This is a method where you don’t do any promotion methods on the website (web page).It done out of the website to increase the Backlinks, page rank and income. Directory Submissions, Article submissions are helps to get Backlinks from many sources. These are good off page seo methods. These are free methods. It helps to drive small amount of website traffic. If you need massive website traffic, you can visit the site M.H.Soft Ltd. here you can get best SEO service named as Search engine visibility service it do the following process to increase website traffic and page rank. Unlike On- page SEO, off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the web page. The most important area:
•             Link Building
•             Social Media
•             Social bookmarking
We will look at these in detail below but first let me explain about the importance and benefits of off-page SEO.

Why is Off-Page SEO important?
Search engines have been trying for decades to find a way to return the best results to the searcher. To do that, they take into account the on-site SEO factors (described above), some other quality factors and off-page SEO.
Off page SEO gives them a very good indication on how the World (other websites and users) perceive the particular website. A web site that is useful is more likely to have references (links) from other websites; it is more likely to have mentions on social media (Face book likes, tweets, Pins, +1’s etc.) and it is more likely to be bookmarked and shared among communities of like-minded users. More information Please visit M.H.Soft Ltd.