Saturday, November 30, 2013

Next Generation Intel Processor Haswell

In terms of computing processor is essential part weather its desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. In terms of any type of computing intel is the front runner for making high quality processors. Their 2nd and 3rd generation core series processors have already been leading the market. They are now bringing the 4th generation processors; code name of this processor is Haswell.

Intel introduced their haswell processor in the technology fair Computex Taipei in 4th June Taipei, Taiwan. The two main features of this processor are less power consumption and high quality graphics. According to Intel, hybrid devices which are a combination of tablet pc and laptop will get extra speed using this processor. They also said that this processor will consume such low power that devices with fan less design can use this processor.  It is estimated that laptops designed with haswell processor will give battery backup up to 10 hours.

Performance Enhancements: These new processors will have 15% more performance compared with modern processors, but power consumption will be almost half. As a result devises designed with these processors will have increased battery life and stand by time compared with modern core series processors. It will take just 3 seconds to turn up from sleep mode. Devices designed with this processor will be slimmer, lighter and faster. Voice recognition, face analysis and depth tracking will reach new level.

Technology & Capability: Some characteristics of core processors are also present in haswell processor. One of which is 22 nanometer architecture with 14 step pipeline, mainstream quad core and the dimensional tri-gate transistor.  It will also support the dual channel DDR3 and new DDR4 RAM and 64MB L1 cache and 256MB L2 cache. The processor has its own characteristics such as advanced vector extension 2, new LGA socket 1150. To work with multi threaded software haswell has developed transactional synchronization extension. To enhance graphics performance 2 built in graphics technology of intel has been used where the architecture is known as haswell. The graphics will have DirectX 11.1 compatibility and OpenGL 4.0. The strong GPU will be capable to generate three dimensional objects and run high definition video steaming.  Computer designed with haswell processor will support voice recognition m gesture and body movement technology.

            Though the demand of desktop and laptop is decreasing day by day, Intel is expecting with this new processor can help regain the market in future. Intel has announced that haswell has been designed to support windows based devices like laptop, ultra-book and tablet, thus adding new dimension in data processing. 

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