Sunday, December 22, 2013

AMD Trinity APU - Where capability and desire is combined

In modern day’s people who use laptop, desktop and graphics processing units all are familiar with the processor name AMD. Before I start lets take a quick look.  
AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas, US. They develop computer processors and related technologies for commercial and consumer markets.
APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit. This is a revolutionary discovery of AMD which got wide range of acceptability from computer users. Previously microprocessor based motherboards with built-in graphics cards or PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) express cards used to generate displays for the users. In APU users will be able to have the taste of high definition graphics without the use of built-in graphics or external graphics cards.
APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) = CPU (Central Processing Unit) + GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). In technical language a microprocessor and graphics processor stays separately in the same place.
In modern world most of the software interfaces are comprised with high graphics resolution. The graphics contents in soft wares are increasing day by day and to operate this smoothly strong graphics processors are required. External graphics cards may be a solution to this but will it be always available to general users that’s a concern. In 2006 AMD brought famous graphics chip manufacturing organization ATI and started the some research. In result in 2011 APU comes to the market which was recognized as fusion then.  
AMD released APU which came in the market in June, 2012 got huge popularity in consumers. The main features of APU are –

  • ·        In most models APU has a speed between 3.5 gigahertz to 4.2 gigahertz. Most of the APUs can be over clocked and there’s also turbo core capability.
  • ·        All APUs are comprised with DirectX 11.
  • ·        AMD 3D quick stream technology can play any high definition and blu-ray movies simultaneously. It is possible through highly capable graphics processor.
  • ·        Radion core not only works for graphics enhancement, they also equally participates in operation of CPU which previously was used as cache memory. In APU cache memory usage is very low.
  • ·        APUs are becoming an integral part in 3D modeling, scientific simulation and audio recording.
  • ·        The most significant part is APU dual graphics. If we connect an external graphics card APU will connect with it resulting in enhanced graphics performance.

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