Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD)

To make hard disks cheaper and to avail all the features of solid state drive (SSD) hybrid hard disk (HHD) is coming to the market. Though the shortcomings of mechanical hard drive are known to all, the new hybrid hard drive is designed in a way that it can be compared with the optional subject. It means only the extra features are added this new hard drive.
There are two major parts in hybrid hard drive, one is the old mechanical hard drive and another one is the solid state drive. These two parts are combined to make the new hybrid hard drive. In a hybrid hard drive the solid state unit is used as primary hard drive and the HDD part works as a secondary hard drive. As the SSD is the primary hard drive, most of the works of the hard drive is done by the SSD. Thus all the advantages of SSD is found on HHD.   
The advantages found in the HHD are high data transfer rate. For higher data transfer rate these drives can load applications quickly in the memory. So it gives lower booting time than a normal hard drive. In multitasking where a HHD takes 10 seconds, a HDD takes 40 seconds in booting.

Another advantage is it takes lass power to run HHD (1.7 – 2 volts). So laptops using HHD have more battery backups than usual.   

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